Friday, December 7, 2007

"The soul never thinks without a picture." -Aristotle

I found this quote on one of the websites I frequent. It sort of sums up what my whole creative career has been about and even more importantly my ministry. Next to family time, I spend the majority of my time trying to create visuals for spreading the gospel, and then making sure it sticks. I peruse web site for inspiration, I read blogs of pastors across the country and magazines that are geared towards the creative arts in ministry (ie. Collide). There is nothing like the perfect marriage between God's word and the visuals, whether it be in print, in video, in music or in a skit.

Recently I came across this guy named Blaine Hogan who attends the Mars Hill graduate school in Seattle. After daydreaming about being a student again, and actually getting to study how to implement the creative process in ministry, I actually read the article. Here are the paragraphs that floored me:

If, as artists, we are truly carrying the gospel with us in our daily experiences, through breakfast and meetings and coffee breaks and creative brainstorming sessions, then it should spill out quite naturally into the art we create. It is inherently marked and stamped by the truth we hold onto in the center of ourselves. It is our act of worship. It is our most unique and holy offering to the Creator of the universe. This offering does not need to be big, better, slick, or sweet, it needs only to be honest.

...This is the tension that comes from our deep desire to create work that serves the community we are a part of, affects the heart of people who refuse to be touched, and provides a path back toward the truth that will heal us.

These words perfectly encapsulate what drives me. Especially now that my charge is to take our new church and really give it a presence, an approachability that will reach out to the city. They also let my OCD off the hook because I do have an inferiority complex that nothing will be as big or as complex and effective. But it is nonetheless my offering to God who has placed these desires in my heart and the ability in my person.............nuf said

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