Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Let it Snow!!

The first snow of the winter is always the best. Especially when you get out of school right after lunchtime-unexpectedly. So now our 'ski slope' trail has been properly flattened by courageous hineys and ready for what else the weather has to deliver.

The only bad part is that Grace needs a new ski-bunny outfit. Will grew out of his and into hers. She grew out of hers and into---nothing. Everything pink online is back ordered. SO I guess I'll have to brave Target as soon as I can get out and properly outfit my girl.

I also managed to get the lights and angel on the tree, the banister and the mantle. Still need another set on the tree but it feels good. We used Granny's blue angel from when Joe was a child. It looks and feels great. As soon as the snow melts I can get the outside lights put on. Modest but festive nonetheless. But for now, let it snow...Won't effect Tim and Heidi tonight in the least.

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Melody said...

Hey Michelle,

Wow! two blogs in 3 days, I'm pretty impressed. I've got a bad cold and I'm trying to muster up enough energy to do something with my blog. Your kids looked so cute in the snow, Thanks again for dinner the other night that meant a lot. Here's hoping for a delay tomorrow!!