Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

Today is Joe's first day as an Associate Pastor!!!!!!! It's a happy, happy day here at the Sheedy house. Instead of being on the road this morning he was helping Grace with a short story she was writing. Instead of drinking Mountain Dew to stay awake, he made himself an omelet and exercised before I even came down stairs...put me to shame. Plus we get to have lunch with our new pastor and a wonderful lady, Roberta, that has made us feel so welcome. Good, good stuff.

God spent much of my Sunday recapping how he has brought us through the last two years of transition and 'discomfort' sha'll we say. It felt as if He was walking around with me all day. One of those days where you feel His presence acutely. And you are brought to tears with joy.

And today I hear Joe singing God's praises in the next room as he works on a new song that Zeb brought over last night. Maybe they'll debut it at open mic night this week!! Triple good stuff.

And as if things couldn't get any better, there is a crop at Scrapmania AND ProjectRunway starts WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!! Happy, happy Monday.

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Melody said...

you posted at 6:45am! you must be doing good. I'm so excited to hear about Joe's job. I've been working on my blog this evening. Just like you said, can't wait for Project Runway to start. I added yours and Jenn's blogs to my friends and family list so we can keep in touch. I think I'm gonna like this blogging thing. I figured out pictures today! Hope you are doing well. Thanks for helping make my bday weekend awesome! Love, Mel