Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Goodness

This past week we discussed with some new friends how important it is to tithe. They did on Sunday morning. On Monday she was told she'd be getting a $500 bonus at work. God is so good.. This is the kind of thing that lifts my spirits and reminds me how intimately God cares for us.

Then this morning I got an email from my sis:

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to share my joy with you, my art work has just been published on the website of the person i am now working with, and i also have a piece on the homepage! yay so excited...To see the work just click either on my piece on the front page, or go to artists and then click on my name! (Vanessa Olink) There is also a blog if you want to write comments on my work, obviously not to me but everyone else who visits the site will see them. An article is comming out in about two weeks so that should be some good publicity! (Just scroll down where thing are written in french they are then in english)
the web site is: www.artandstars.com

Take a gander. She is sooooooo talented, and soooooooo beautiful, and sooooooo awesome. I'm doubly excited because I created a website last week for her to display her work: www.artsdreams.org

Again it just feels like God is working in the lives of people I hold dear. Not a bad start for a yucky , dreary Tuesday.

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Melody said...

your sisters work is really great! I love the green and blue abstract. Hope all is well, put up another blog soon. Love, Mel